Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bike riding

For my birthday Geoff wanted to get me something to help improve my fitness (and lose weight!) so we got a bike from the wonderful Onya Bike in Belconnen. Last weekend was a lovely spring day so I went for a ride on the southern side of the lake, from our place to the National Art Gallery and then back along the foreshore towards the GG's house. I saw several families of swans taking their new families for a wander - too cute as Meaghan would say. Yesterday I rode around the Western basin of the lake but got near the museum and realised I had left my helmet behind. First time I can remember doing that and of course as soon as I became aware I had the biggest stack. Went round a corner near some of the office buildings near the museum, hit the edge of the concrete path and the bike slide out form under me (all in slow motion of course) luckily there was no one around so the embarrassment was minimal. ended up with a very sore wrist, shoulder and hip. Very lucky.

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