Friday, September 21, 2007

A cardboard box

Yet again the arrival of a cardboard box created hours of fun for the youngest member of our house hold. When I received my market basket (no interest for kids) in a largish box yesterday it was immediately commandeered by Henry to make into a train - thank you Playschool. With Matt's boot box as a caboose and paper plates for wheels and a number, a train was duly created. Have to love the potential of a plain box.
When Matt was little he had our old fridge box and lived in it. It was his place to hide when he was worried or scared. He has always loved small spaces and would love to visit those Japanese hotels that have pods to sleep in. It was a devastating day when the box was accidently destroyed.

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Kate said...

I love it how a box can be the best toy and kids can use their imagination! Would love to see a picture of your giraffe!