Friday, January 11, 2008

24hrs in Kuala Lumpur

After overnighting at the Gold Coast (cheap Air Asia flights out of there and also the busiest airport we encountered on our trip - due to lack of organisation rather than volume handled), we flew to Malaysia for one nights stopover in KL. Just a side note, due to last minute booking we fluked extra long seats (ie business class seats without the service), a very nice way to get over the claustrophobia I had always associated with plane flights - but also the unfortunate effect of all other flights seeming very cramped,. Sigh, just a brief look at the good life only to be cruelly snatched back into reality...
We didn't fly into the main airport - another good thing about flying el cheapo, very quick to get through customs etc. Grabbed a taxi (with seat belts - a rare occurrence over the next weeks) and headed into town. It was really odd, brand new roads and hardly anyone using them, no-one on the streets, just lots of palm oil forests and heaps of building works. All a bit spooky.
Arrived at our hotel and it was great - probably the nicest we stayed in the whole trip. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, pool and walking distance to the twin towers (unfortunately they were closing it in the new year to turn into into a traditional hotel - ie small cramped rooms to make more money).
Henry was desperate for a swim but was not allowed as they were setting up a reception next to the pool - total devastation.
Went for a walk and found out everyone hung out at the park and mall at the bottom of the twin towers. We were offered money for Henry (not sure what for - don't really want to think about it) and shamefully had Hungry jacks for tea :(
Next morning, after very yummy brekky, Henry got his swim and made friends with a family from Singapore. It was here we discovered that Henry knew he was from Australia and he was aware that he was in another country. I'm not sure we had explained this to him at any stage, just we were going on a long plane ride.
We found one of the largest playgrounds I had seen in the middle of the city with a great kids water park, free for all, next to it. Hard to pry henry away.
We walked most of the way to the Menara Tower (4th tallest in the world) with a mini bus taking us up the last steep bit, thank goodness as it was very hot and something like 90% humidity - killer. Nice views, mostly of all the other tower blocks being constructed 24/7, not much more to it. Mad rush back to hotel, back to airport and fly on to Hanoi.

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