Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back home

We are finally back from our overseas odyssey (well, family holiday actually). Everything went pretty much to plan and nobody got sick (a bonus!).
Henry was treated like the superstar we all know he is, with the rumours of blonde headed children being treated like royalty all true. Henry tolerated photos taken, cheeks tweaked and and many questions asked for the first couple of weeks and then went into 'Tom Cruise being chased by the paparazzi' mood.
I hope to put a few of our many, many photos up over the next few weeks starting with these few taken of Henry in the first couple of days, (the army man refused to be photographed unless Henry was in the picture with him) an indication of Henry's experience anyway.
By the way, the other 4 of us had a great time as well but just not quite the attention henry had (although if Matt was just a bit older we could have had a bride for him). We would all reccommend Vietnam and the temples of Ankor in Cambodia as a great place to visit, very cheap once your there and always something to do.
Glad to be back home though.

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Jodie said...

Welcome back Karen! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful holiday!

We all knew that Henry was a special little boy ~ nothing new there :)

Jodie xxx