Wednesday, April 15, 2009

easter long weekend

We hadn't been across to see Geoff's mum in Mollymook since Christmas so we decided to brave the crowds and head to the coast for Easter. The traffic up until Braidwood was the worst we had encountered without there being an accident involved, both coming and going (50minutes on the way back to travel 12km from out of Braidwood to the town). It flowed ok after that thank goodness, although the delay and stop start travel resulted in Henry being carsick for the first time in years - weren't we in a good mood by the time we arrived...

The rest of the weekend went reasonably smoothly, with trips to the beach, lots of family time and of course the egg hunt in the back yard, always a high light. And it was lovely to sit and watch the rain no matter where we are, and especially nice to come back to a wet Canberra with another 2 inches of rain to come - nothing better.

The two lo's are both layered templates for photoshop, so easy to drop in photos and choose papers. The top is from Pencil lines, which has free templates every week or two and the second (along with the papers) is from Ali Edwards kit, esp for SongBird Ave. This digital scrapbooking company supports a different charity every month, with this months profits form Ali's kit going to Austism charities (in America, but still a good cause). Love the clean lines of Ali's work, must try that myself more.

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