Thursday, April 9, 2009


I was browsing Urban Threads earlier in the year, they have some very funky stuff, when this pattern popped up (for free - nothing better). This was to celebrate Edgar Allen Poe's 200th birthday. This sort of thing appeals to Matt and he asked if I could make one for him. So I did, any excuse and it was so easy. i finished the stitching a while back and finally got around to painting the thin brown wire and did a quick quilt job on the black material. If Matt gets sick of it, it will make a great place mat!

It is now residing outside his bedroom replacing a photo of him skiing when he was 8, which i broke the other day (doh) much to Matt's relief as along with most teenagers, doesn't like to be reminded he was little and cute once.

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Busy Mama said...

Ok -so you inspire me to be more "crafty" - I am enjoying reading your blog!!

BTW - you've been surfed - visit my blog to find out how to claim your prize!