Monday, May 18, 2009

off training wheels at last

Waiting for the wheels to come off

last minute instructions on braking (still has no idea, but likes to go fast so who needs brakes anyway?)

Too easy!

Henry lost all confidence on his bike over summer. We attempted to take his training wheels off then but it all went wrong (too many stacks) and that was IT!! No More Riding!

Geoff, clever man that he is, took Henry out to the bike tracks at Stromlo Park. Nice wide open track, don't have to worry about running off the track or crashing into people or any other worries that can occur on the bike paths around home. Matt took his bike last weekend and they spent a lot of time just getting used to riding again (with training wheels still on, but quite high up).

With the help of a little bribery (lego of course), We went out to Stromlo again yesterday - perfect weather, and Henry did one lap with trainers on, then Geoff took the trainers off, and with one push, Hen was off. He did half a lap, and then decided he would quite like to run for a while - so he and Meaghan headed off at a jog around Deeks track. Geoff and I followed at a more leisurely pace...

After a couple of kms, he was back on his bike and did a couple more laps and declared himself , very loudly, as THE EXPERT.

For some unknown reason, he nearly fell asleep in the bath later that night.

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