Monday, May 25, 2009

wedding dress

When i was 7, there was an enormous fancy dress party in the local town hall. It was practically compulsory to turn up in your best fancy dress gear. there were none of these new fangled pre-made costumes and certainly no hire place nearby. So it was up to mothers to do their best to outshine everyone else's little darlings.

Mum, it has to be said, sacrificed all for me. Out came her (fairly expensive, big city purchased) wedding dress. It had beads and tulle and crystals, lace and all the trimmings, it was a beautiful piece. She must of had some inkling I wouldn't come close to fitting in to it when it was my turn to be married (correct) so I got to wear it at a much earlier age.

Off came the excess netting around the bottom and a few pins (not too many though - she was very slim when she got married), on with the veil and first prize for me in the under 8 section (some sort of build a bug game if I remember correctly). I remember walking around the shire hall in a huge circle with a heap if fairy's, cowgirls, clowns, and of course princesses. There was one other bride so there was some confusion when the prize was read out, but I triumphed - hooray.

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