Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cracker night

Canberra had what looks to be it's last (legal) cracker nights over the long weekend. We hadn't bothered in previous years but thought we should this year. We invited some friends over, who also bought their own stash and let loose down at the oval. It was freezing, and make no mistake, it was the two fathers elbowing kids aside to light fire crackers. Very funny. Matt and Ed managed to light a few and the younger kids got sparklers but in reality the whole night was for Geoff and James.

Meaghan tag teamed her friends over the weekend (holly during the day on Sunday, Jacs for a sleepover, Millie for crackers and gala for Monday) It is good to get to know Meaghan's new friends as well as catch up with Gala who we hadn't seen for a while.

all in all a fun weekend, if a little(!!!) cold.

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