Tuesday, June 16, 2009

happy birthday Louise part 2


It was one of the coldest days on record in Canberra, the fog didn't lift all day, completely miserable but we ventured out (all except Jo, who I don't blame at all for staying tucked up in her nice warm house while she was feeling less than well), off to Delissois for some nice comfort food.

after the traditional showering of gifts onto the birthday girl, we all had some very yummy mains followed by sharing of equally calorie laden desserts (sticky date pudding being the standout), all washed down with champagne.

It is getting so rare to see all the girls together, with the changing of schools and getting jobs, that these nights are very special. The school gate is certainly no longer the same.

Anyway Jo is next, as well as trivia night which is always fun, so more to look forward to.

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Luna said...

What great photos of you all. So sad I couldn't make it. Sob.