Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a bad day

Yesterday one of Geoff's close friends passed away. it was completely unexpected, he had ridden to work on his brand new bike (purchased the day before type of new) and had what turned out to be a massive heart attack while sitting at his desk. Geoff was rung and headed straight to the hospital but Peter had already gone. He brought Pete's car back here and we went and visited his wife last night, what to say to a woman you have never met and had only just lost her husband?

Leif was holding up well, but it was all shock and understandably it hadn't sunk in yet. They had two small boys. Geoff was wonderful, I was very proud of him as he had lost a close friend and took all the calls from colleges and friends all through the night.

I guess the funeral will be later in the week and then we just to hold together with Lief to help her and her boys through the next section of their lives - so very unfair.

The photo was taken this morning in the fog with the only flowers currently in my garden.

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