Wednesday, January 27, 2010

two more sketches

After madness hit yesterday (Geoff decided that a bike ride at lunchtime, 32 plus degrees would be a great idea, the madness being I agreed to go along!) I came home, and after collapsing for a while did a couple of lo's. Both are focused on Christmas presents.

Meaghan had wanted roller blades for Christmas which we duly got for her but it was harder than it looked and after a few tears, put them away. When we went to nan and Pops for a few days, her friend Shannon came with us and bought her skates as well. She had Meaghan out and about as soon as we got there, very patient and encouraging, such a great friend. I wasn't allowed to watch, and this was the only photo I was allowed to take, standing still, no action shots at all, sigh. Since we got back she has been out everyday on them, gotta love that.

The sketch is from sketchy Thursdays (I used sewn loops, only a bit wobbly, instead of circles, I admit I struggle with circles) and the little bird is for the 52x52 challenge.

This is for twisted sketches #033(which I flipped on its side) with the twist including an envelope. The envelope that has been dominating our house since Christmas has been the cluedo envelope containing the solution to the murder. Matt was given the newest version with extra weapons, intrigue cards and the possibility of being murdered before the end. Normally i don't like changing a classic game but the new rules adds a lot to a classic game. Henry loves to join in and to everyones amazement even won once (his guesses tend to be fairly random).

have a good day xx


Irini said...

brilliant layouts.....and your moment of madness!! had a good effect on were creative!!

Diana Fisher said...

Hi Karen!! Great pages, love the butterfly and swirls on the first one! Thanks for playing along with us!
-Diana, Sketchy Thursdays

Tessa Buys said...

Swirls in place of circles - I love it! Great layouts :).

Tessa, Sketchy Thursdays DT

Nancy said...

Congratulations on winning the twisted challenge for the "envelopes" twist!!!! very well-deserved for this FANTASTIC layout!!!!