Friday, January 15, 2010

After a break...

The oldest kids have left the house for the afternoon (yay, much as I love them it has been a very long holiday period) and Henry is more than happy tucked up with popcorn watching Garfield again. So back to the scrapping desk again, seems like an age since I have done anything.

The challenge for the start of the month at The Studio was to scrap your fears, using three photos and lots of white space. My current fears are fairly well universal for mothers everywhere (health of family, job stability of DH, etc) so I thought I would hark back to my childhood where my fears were many and varied. I was petrified of caterpillars to the point of not walking out to our car if i could see one no matter how far away it was. One in the house would paralyse me. Of course witches and the alligator that lived under my bed terrified me as well (had to leap from my bed to the rug in the middle of the floor to negate that little one..)

But my chief fear was (and probably still remains) clowns. They obviously have something to hide behind all that creepy make up and after the book and then the film of Stephen Kings' "IT" that was very much it for me.

had a lot of fun with this lo and the memories.

PS forgot to put hairdressers and dentists on my list. xx

This Lo I really like, inspired by 52x52 (thanks to tracy-lihanne for the link). All that was required was three (or more circles). How cool are those balloons from Webster's pages. Love them. Back to more scrapping now - maybe wishful thinking though.

Have a good one xx


Luna said...

Karen, love this one! Love the black background and layout but your list of fears had Ruby and I cracking up. Precious!

Irini said...

Oh wow I have been away too long yet again and you have been busy...can you tell I am jealous!LOL
love the layouts I am seeing