Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome little Holly

This photo was taken on Christmas Day, I think Holly (who would have been about 4 weeks old) was just trying to ignore the noise of a house full of people. She is very sweet and too cute, Missed out on a cuddle last time we were down that way as she was asleep - maybe she is already trying to tell me something...

This layout is for my favourite scrapping site, The Studio. The challenge for this month was to incorporate some fabric on your page, alter your alpha and keep the whole thing symmetrical.

Yesterday I really felt like sewing. so i looked in my favorite local store and came back with a book written by my old (as in known for along time, rather than ancient in age x) friend, Anni from Hatched and Patched,. Lots of quick little sticheries and I took some of here flowers and embroidered them on a piece of soft pink spotted flannel. Easy to do while watching the tennis last night. I think if I had of known this was the paper, I would have chosen a tea died fabric instead - oh well. The rest came together quite quickly then.

{Although the altering of the alpha was very messy - lots of paint and mist involved, good fun.}

Off to get a school bag for Henry this afternoon and maybe try to organise a haircut for him, it is so long at the moment. Matt is getting serious about study, spending yesterday and today at the National Library (I think he is in love with this building now), even knocking back a trip to the mall with friends.

And Meaghan is watching 27 Dresses again, she is just discovering this genre and loving it.

have a great day and i will get around to changing my banner before next christmas I promise xx


Mama Tuttle said...

This rocks, Karen!! I love this layout . . .the little details are so great!!

The Studio by Amanda Jones said...

This is just perfect, Karen! x

Irini said...

what an amazing layout!! i lovey love your stitchery...just gorgeous!!
Holly is precious

Laura said...

Yay Karen! Such a worthy winner of this month's challenges, well done!! xxx