Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cocoa Daisy Crop

Cocoa daisy is currently having their Spring Crop. So many lovely challenges and lots of fun chats. The Lo's everyone has been coming up with are astonishingly good. All very inspiring.

The downside (for me anyway) is that just about everyone else is on the other side of the world and all the interesting stuff is happening while I am in the land of nod.

next time i will have to send Geoff and the kids off for the weekend so I can sleep during the day and scrap in real time, in my jim jams.

Anyway this is my contribution so far-

Challenge 3 - clotheline sketch (love this one by Ronda)

Challenge 1 - butterflies are free (use butterflies in a non springLo)

And a Little RAK name tag from things only found on your desk.


Luna said...

NIce work. Love the clothes line!! Hope u r having a nice weekend and looking frward to school returning!
X Jo

Irini said...

Fantastic layouts Karen!!

I wanted to join but it is birthday party madness till school ends!
we do not have one weekend free till school ends!!