Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a 'soccer Mom'

It has come to pass. I have become a 'soccer mom'. Oh dear. Both Henry and Meaghan started on Saturday, such a beautiful day. Henry had a ball and we don't count scores in his comp so getting to touch the ball is the main aim. And Henry did. He is in an already established team from last year and I wasn't sure how that would go but hen didn't mind. His coach is wonderful, very encouraging and that's all we ask at this stage.

Meaghan's team is a mix of year 7 and 8's and it is safe to say they are fairly inexperienced (ie they copped a bit of a bath...). But it is a positive for teenage girls just to be out running around and they all enjoyed themselves.

Matt also started the hockey season on Sunday morning, he is in the firsts full time now and they started with a win, yay.

Weekends are now officially full.

To celebrate this season, I used the sketch for this months Butterfly crafts visual challenge which is now up here. Go check out some of the other DT's versions of this sketch - very cool.
This months prize is a nice big stash of goodies form Nikki Sivil.

The Studio's latest couple of challenges are now up as well. This is my last as Guest designer for April, lots of fun there. This challenge is to do a LO about technology in your life. As my mobile had just crashed and was eventually out of action for over a month I based my LO on how I hadn't realised how dependant on how I had become on this little device. I now have a little replacement phone, very basic but functional. Will upgrade when my new plan is due.

have a great week xxx

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Irini said... I am a soccer mum too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course Christian is just in it for the running around with his friends he is not interested in the game never watches it on the tele...go figure......
i looove your technology layout great stuff and did i ever congratulate you on the Designer spot at the Studio?
Well now I have!! and btw I owe you an email....p.s things are bad here now due to the new measures placed by the IMF