Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm feeling green today

Kids back at school today, hard to get out of bed and organised after a reasonably lazy holidays. Lots of late nights with both the world Cup and more additively, Le Tour De France. So love the tour.

On to all things crafty. have managed to do a couple of Lo's today. First is for the Guest design spot on Sketchy Thursday. Along with this sketch
we had to include the colour yellow and put in a handmade embellishment (the wheat stalks). This is a photo I took of Henry when we stopped at an ancient harvester outside a pub in a tiny town called Morven. Henry loved climbing all over it, ever since he was little he has wanted to be a harvester man (just like Poppy was).

Second Lo is again for Mick's 50th. It will be so much harder to celebrate as one of his oldest friends was killed in a car crash on Saturday. His daughter is also one of Meaghan's closest friends, a tragic situation all around.

This Lo is for Design Dollies with this sketch:

This was taken in the early 70's. The missing photo is my next up brother who thought that the booth only took one photo, and the last is just after he had been shoved back in the booth by Michael. I believe he is still unhappy about this strip of photos. Oh well...

No photo's of sportsmen this week, just in case I am getting some sort of pervy,bad reputation (I am what I am..)However after watching the aforementioned tour, I am intrigued by the girls presenting the flowers at the end of each Day. These are hard fought over positions by the models in France. Usually they dress them in mostly classic, occasionally odd but even I can appreciate that there is some merit in the outfits chosen. But I admit to being completely puzzled by the King of the Mountains girls. OK I acknowledge it is hard to be classy in large red polka dots, but in years past they have managed. This year they have come up with:
Yep, umbrellas as dresses. I suppose they must be cool, no clinging materials...

Jo, it is up to you to explain to me why?? Is this a trend I have somehow missed?? Unlike me I know, to have missed a fashion trend but to a philistine like me they just look a bit , well, silly...

have a great week. xx


lisa said...

Cool LO's Karen.
Especially love the photo booth one : )
Have you enjoyed having the house to yourself again after the holidays? x

Heidi said...

love these l/o's! cool colors. i LOVE that photo booth strip with the missing pic. that's awesome! i may have to recreate that.

Francine said...

Karen - wonderful layouts, but I especially like the Harvester Man - great colours, great embellishments, great everything really!

Irini said...

Love the layouts!!
love the colour combo in the Sketchy Thursday LO
The girls look like Minnie she's a gal with a lotta class! LOL

jennifer said...

Great layouts, I really love the photo booth one, I like the measuring tape behind the photos. x

Leah the Orange said...

love both of these pages, Karen! the missing photo TOTALLY had me lullzing over here - what a great story for the page! (and it would have been a shame to leave that bit out!)

as for the umbrella skirts, uh, i guess they didn't want crinolines due to the heat? functional, but a little odd.

thanks for joining us in the Dollhouse! :)

KarenB said...

Hi Karen, I love both of these!! The photo booth LO made me smile, what a classic! Thanks for playing with the Dollies :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said... I want an umbrella dress! LOL!!! I love love love love your lo's...always inspiring!!! :):):) Thanks sooooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Amanda Jones said...

Do you know, just yesterday I was wondering how best to store my collection of umbrella outfits. Honestly, some people just have no clue about what's hip 'n' happenin', do they?

I love both of your layouts! Hopefully you're now recovering from the start of school xx