Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Monday

And I feel as though I've done a days running around already...
Matt was supposed to have done a bar course this week but last week there weren't enough kids to start the class. "Ok" the staff said "we'll let you know" - which apparently translates as it will be on if we don't contact you. So after a number of phone calls this morning we were told 5 minutes before the class started that it was on..

Much rushing about, quick ironing only to discover that a) Matt's white shirt had some red stains on the sleeve (but he had hung it up in the cupboard again..), and b) his black pants actually had the bum ripped out them. So off he went in his stained white shirt and navy school pants (dark enough). Thinking we would be last ones there we rushed in only to find only one other boy had turned up - so I'm guessing every one else got as much information as us. So the boys went off for a wander (ie a coffee) and the organiser went to make a few belated phone calls.

Best guess is that they will do responsible serving of alcohol certificate today but no practical work. Have to go back next year for that...

And then there is the whole formal suit issue - OK entirely my fault we have left it this late. It only occurred to us last week that hiring a formal suit twice (once for his formal and once for his girlfriend's formal - paired girls/boys schools - why couldn't they combine formals???) would cost more than buying. So we went and had him fitted and sourced a "fall back suit" ie fitted well but not the look he was after and have found a very cheap ex- rental suit to buy place on the net. So on the phone to them to see if they can ship overnight from Melbourne to Canberra, still waiting for them to call back.

And then off to the Vietnam Embassy to pick up our passports and Visas - yay.

I am desperate to get some me time today and do some scrapping - managed this on the weekend, for the Cocoa daisy crop - one of the challenges was to take your style and clean it up - very simple lines - no misting or inking!! Very hard for me but I am really pleased with the outcome. I found this butterfly in our garden last week - it is one of the biggest one's I have seen here, we usually only the the smaller varieties but all the lovely rain must have encouraged species to expand their territories.

Ok off to washing now, have a great day xx


Laura said...

I love this layout Karen, it's so pretty.

I really found this challenge difficult too. I needed to tuck stuff in behind and do some layering, lol.

Hope the suit can be sent to you in time!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow girl! You have been busy... I am tired of just thinking of doing all that! I love love love love that lo!!! The photo is GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)