Sunday, January 16, 2011

latest dollie challenge

Ok, it's the second Monday (Ok technically the third monday this month but there's five mondays this month so give us a break...) so that means it elements challenge at Design Dollies this week. Hooray!

This week is easy. Just give us a doodle or maybe a sketch on your entry. As you can see I am not the most talented of sketchers but I did have fun with this. (You CAN tell they are fish, can't you??)

This was at Singapore zoo. On entry they offered us a bonus. The kids grabbed hand towels and lanyards but Geoff and I went the fish spa...

Ok, we had been at the zoo a couple of hours and were ready to head off. The fish spa was on the way out. there was no one else in there so we thought we might as well use our bonus ticket. After thoroughly scrubbing our feet clean, we sat down and dipped our toes in. EEP. hundreds of little fish attack, apparently ridding your skin of all those nasty dead skin cells. After we got our head in the right space (ie not squirming with horror or falling over laughing because it tickled so much) it wasn't too bad. Sort of like little bubbles around your legs.

Then the very kind lady (who i suspect wanted some amusement) insisted we had enough time left to use the pool with the slightly bigger fish. Geoff went first. I should have known from the half strangulated cries coming from his direction to stay where I was but the lady (and Geoff) were insistent that I try the bigger fish.


It was similar to being scratched all over with steel wool. They have lots of very sharp teeth and obviously hadn't been fed all day (hmm come to think of it, there was a crowd of people - kids especially, watching us through the carefully placed very unprivate window that everyone who walked in or out of the zoo passed by..). Obviously a trap for newcomers.

But we bravely kept our legs in and smiled when the fish lady informed us that we had longer than we were supposed to but that was ok. agghhh- prolonged scratching.

I completely recomend this (ok so I just want others to feel like their legs have been stripped of all skin..)

So go check out the other Dollies versions, they are just lovely. Not sure if mine made it on site as I seem to be having trouble with emails but come and join in!

Off to Mum and Dad's for a few days. Hoping for some warm weather and lack of flooding around there. I hope everyone is safe and well in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, The Philippines, Brazil and Sri Lanka ( Why does it feel like the start of a disaster movie?).

The Premier has set up a flood appeal to help the Queenslander through this awful time so if you want to donate go here. I know lots of people are looking to send stuff through but at the moment it is just clogging the system and they want the money to go back into local communities so money is the best bet at the moment.

Have a great (and safe) week. xx

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Irini said...

OMG you completely freaked me out with this post about the fish....I have come across this in my research for work....there is a similar spa in Turkey for Psoriasis sufferers......what an experience...brave woman...
love the layout..and yes they look like fish....I love the attention to detail i.e the teeth, too cute!