Sunday, October 16, 2011

Torvill and Dean - almost

I feel like I haven't scrapped for an age. The kids are on holidays - back to school tomorrow - and we have been dealing with lots of house style decisions. I will share some of my handiwork in the kids rooms this week and the rest is a matter of time and money (and probably a lot of stress) , I will let you know when we know...

But the one bit of scrapping I have done this week is for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge and it is a fun one. And it incorporates this sketch - always love that.

Anyway this is the challenge this week -
"For this game we challenge you to feature yourself in costume, or a costume that you have made or inspired, incorporate the colour purple somewhere in the layout, place a surprise somewhere in the layout . If you do not celebrate Hallowe’en where you are - scrap about dress-up – either for a formal affair, or for play!! Now - you are welcome to play along and post your layout even if you are stumped on any of these requirements - we encourage you to play along regardless!! We don't penalize - we like everyone to have some fun and play along in the spirit if they are able to!"

And here is my interpretation - not rapt in the end product but it's ok. When some of our closest friends got engaged back in 1991 they had a themed engagement party - well known couples. Bizarrely enough they came as a pair of jellyfish...

Geoff and I went for Torvill and Dean complete with roller skates. Luckily they had covered their floor with thick wrinkly plastic so it was smooth but not too smooth, I really can't roller skate and any hard floor would have done me in! And I made our costumes back when I used to sew more than now - lots of sequins! A very fun but cold night.

Come and play with us - and our school challenge is open until the end of the month, loving the work done so far (Mitra and Tina - I'm waiting...)

Ok, school has started back today because our internet is playing up again!! And blogspot is doing something funny with my fonts because through no action of my own they are all over the place.

Henry spent last night working himself up to being stressed about school starting but thankfully was OK today. The house is very quiet, mmmmm peaceful. And Matt is in Naples trying to work out how to get to Barcelona by the 20th to meet his girlfriend there. Very long train or ferry trip ahead I think...

ok maybe I can get some scrapping done today, will be back later to show off what I actually did get done over the hols. Have a fun day xx

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Mitralee said...

How did you know!! My LO with my costume is in the works upstairs on my craft table!!! And I need to get a few school photos yet!!!! So I can o the first challenge! Ow did you make that super cool flower on your layout? Love your page sounds like a fun time!