Saturday, October 1, 2011

My school days

Ok, my turn to have a school report aired in public. The latest Another Freaking Scrappy challenge is up -

scrap your school days – your own school days incorporating three of: a photo of you back in the day, or a momento from those years , perhaps: a song title, lyrics or album cover from that era, your favourite school subject, or a page from one of your texts, diaries or notebooks , a scan or your yearbook – whatever is representative of your school days. Maybe you could include a memory of those days in your blog posting. We'd prefer if you scrap your own school days - as we like to encourage our followers to scrap about themselves to leave a legacy for their family - but you can scrap your children's school days if you prefer.

So here I am in all my youthful cuteness, with my report that was to follow me all through primary school, academically ok but really, really untidy.

I was the last girl to get my pen licence (and I think it was a sympathy licence rather than any real improvement in my writing).

Things hit a bit of a disastrous point when my year 4 teacher decided it would be a fun idea to use old fashioned ink pens for a term. I'm pretty sure the parents would have been unamused at this little experiment. Open ink wells on desks, that the teacher made us fill ourselves out of a much bigger container and ink pens that leaked every where - I spent a long time with very blue fingers. And many a uniform permanently stained.

After I had finished typing in the journalling, I was showing Henry and he was highly amused because in my initial draft of "my spelling is Ok' I had in fact spelt Spelling wrong... sigh. And after i had sent off my Lo to Anne, I realised that I wasn't in fact in grade 2 in 1974, I was only in grade 1 - sigh again. Messy and careless. Still.

It is freezing here today, we had a lovely taste of spring a week or two ago but this week has been vile. The kids are on holidays now and our local govt, in their infinite wisdom has put on two long weekends in a row which means Canberra will be deserted all of this week. Not that I mind that but having your long weekends spread apart is a better idea I think.

Ok so come and join us At Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, I would love to hear about your school days. xx


Mitralee said...

Love it! Your post amused me to no end. What is a pen test? I plan on playing along with this one!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Look at LittleKaren!!!CUTEEEE!!!!! I seen this challegne, I am undecided as to whether I wanna put my school pics out there.....I wasn't quite the hottie then that I am jow...HAHAHAHA...yeah right :P Love the layout!!

sandi said...

Oh Karen I love your lo! And just look at you...cute as a button!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Who cares about spelling? You have a great way with words ~ & you were a cutie... I'm with TeenaBugg38, though. Not sure about those photos going up into the blogsphere:):)
And yes, its the most freezing time out at the mo. So much for Spring, let alone summer!

Irini said...

This layout is Amazing....I love everything about it from the cute girl in the pic to the tape holding the school report the tearing ....just love all of it!!!!

Sarah said...

Karen this is totally gorgeous - you were such a little cutie!! Love the tape and the distressing :)

Laura said...

Weren't you so cute?! Love this layout Karen.