Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Summer has finally hit Canberra - yay!! It is currently a lovely 32C here and we have spent the past few days in our wading pool - big enough for Henry to have fun in anyway. Still trying to find some extra money in our budget for a pool in the new house - maybe just a little one...

A new year means a new challenge for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge. One last Christmas fling. This time take a trip back in time and tell us a childhood memory from Christmas. Being the bitter twisted person who never holds a grudge (ha) I was reminded of when santa delivered our disassembled swing set that my elder brothers immediately claimed as their own. So of course that led to a fair amount of stirring every time I wanted to use it - for a while anyway.

Most elements are from The LilyPad with a couple (the tree and the abominable snow santa) from Little Dreamer Designs.

Anyway I am over it now... possibly...

And the good news is, we are looking for some new team members for the DT! I love Anne's challenges, always make you think and the end product is a meaningful addition to your scrapbooking albums. So check out the details here, I know most of you are talented enough to join us, please do!

I will attempt to do some real live paper scrapping over the next few days, we did end up at the coast for a few nights, staying with Geoff's Mother. There we learnt that the only item of food that is more tasteless than a boiled onion, is a boiled onion served with silverside (aka boiled meat), boiled potatoes - no butter, boiled carrots and over boiled beans.

Having said that, at least I didn't have to cook it so that makes just about any meal ok in my books..

Have a good first week - I am loving reading about everyones 'one little word' for 2012 - I am completely incapable of restricting myself to one word so I will just be inspired by everyone else. xx


Mitra Pratt said...


good to see you back!!!

I was eating lunch when you wrote about boiled onions which I hate cooked in any manner....gross!!!

I loved the story behind your page. I have photos in my inbox all scanned in from Mom to play along!

AND!!!! I got happy mail!!! But you knew that! Thanks so very much. I um...may have ripped open the whole thing right in the driveway...My hubby was laughing at me. I guess screeching I GOT MAIL FROM AUSTRALIA while hopping on one foot might be comical. Sniff. He doesn't understand.

TeenaBugg38 said...

KAREN!!!! Omgosh I am so in love with this!!!! You did an amazing job....I guess I'm lucky I was an only child.....someone would have went to the hospital to have swing parts removed from their tail end!!!

Love your page...I may have to buy that kit...it's not retired yet is it? I haven't cheeked out LDD in quite a while!