Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 1

yay, 1 done, 6 days to go..

Yesterday was the first day of my 10000 steps per day to help raise money for Care Australia. I will admit to having a late night the night before and it was a long weekend so we did sleep in as wel. I had decided that I would walk in different Canberra spots over the next week and to start in a nearby Wildlife Park (Tidbinbilla). We would be joining friends out there and go for a medium sized walk.
Well, we were running late (so unlike me I know!! - Ok maybe not) but so were our friends, that was ok. Getting most of the way out there we discovered that the road was closed due to the recent floods. The government couldn't be bothered putting a sign up as you were leaving Camberra to say the road was closed, you had to drive all the way out there to discover the only way through was to go via Tuggeranong (for us this means driving jst about back to our place and south). This turned a pleasant 25 minute drive into well over an hour - sigh - not a good start. But we made it there and it was a lovely day. unfrotunately just about all the walks were closed due to flooding but we did find lots of emus,

and kangaroos (although to be honest, in Canberra it's not that hard to find kangaroos)

and a waterfall.

So a good day in the end.

Didn't get my steps done out there so came home and did a lap of our very walkable suburb.

And my only scrapping was last week, using some of the new stuff and a template from The Lilypad. Loved the fun feel of this one.

Lots of Dr Suess inspired stuff over there at the moment.

Off to walk around our Lake (which is a lovely shade of brown at the moment). Feet still ok...

Still looking for sponsors http://walkinhershoes.org.au/karen_wray so please consider sponsoring me, lots of cool prizes to be won.

see you tomorrow with more updates



Mitra Pratt said...

Dude! Your kangaroos must be jut like our deer! Great post!

misty said...

such a cool page...and I loved your photo's!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love the photos!! Good luck with your walking!!! And LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your lo!! Totally see that as a Dr. Suess paper...and the photos are FUN!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Keep walkin':):) LOVE [10 times over:):)] your LO.....really,really love it. Sooooo different - fab paper & those 'arrows'. To die for:):)

geoleoan said...

vibrant and beautiful page!