Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot pants

We will get onto them later, just a teaser. First some scrapping. My lovely, if slight mad charming, friend Tina is on the DT for Lasting Memories and their challenge this week ties in beautifully with some photos we took last weekend. Their challenge is to incorporate footprints into your Lo. And footprints on the beach are esp photogenic!

This was probably our last visit to Geoff's Mother's house before it is sold in a couple of weeks time. A sad time but also busy as we did more sorting. We managed a couple of trips to the beach, only with Henry as Meaghan was studying and Matt decided not to come. Gorgeous weather (bit better than Canberra on the weekend) and Henry loves the beach.

 All of the digi supplies are form the Lilypad. as are the supplies for this Lo - one of my favs so far -

This is Meaghan and her friend Sam on the way to camp and the photo (unedited by me - stolen off Meaghan's facebook) was taken by another friend. Meaghan even approves of this LO - a rarity!!  She had a ball at camp, came back glowing with happiness as is keen to do more - love that!!

Finally - happy smiley photos that make me glad the 70's existed. I loved hot pants when I was much younger, although I never had any as funky as these and I only wore mine under skirts  AND we called them witches britches - but they were stripey and knitted so close enough!!

The next two are for Jo as she is not well at the moment (hugs to you>) and I know she has a thing for yellow. 

 May have to knit some up for you just to make you feel better... (hmm hot pants or knickerbockers?? I can see you in either...)

Ok, onto housework. xx.


glassgraffitix2 said...

Awesome LO! Love the footsey's in the sand! Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories.

wendipooh13 said...

LOVE LOVIN your pages!!! love the footprints though in the top one and the fun pic in the bottom page and sooo lovin the 70s looks!!! LOL!!

sue said...

OMG! I remember 'witches britches'!! Love these layouts, especially the beach one!!
Sue :)

Michelle (scrappinforkenzie) said...

These are awesome! At first I could NOT tell that they were digital! I love your digi style!! Thank you so much for playing with us at LM! :)

Scrappin for Kenzie

Lizzy Hill said...

Love your LO's and the footprints one is extra series of photos & that title is fabulous. Do NOT love these hot pants....mine were purple felt with a pink heart in front...much nicer:):):) As for the knicker bockers....Hhhhmmmnnnn Surely they won't ever come back? Surely???? BRING BACK THE MAN KNITTING patterns. Much nicer eye candy:):):):)

Kimberly said...

love your style! the page is beautiful! thanks for joining us at lasting memories - kimberly

Karen Wilson said...

How fun is this! I love your beach themed LO! You're right, it really ties into our challenge this week at Lasting Memories!! Your second layout is beautiful!

Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories this week!

Suzanne said...

Love your gorgeous layout of the beach. Great pics and great presentation. Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories this week.

JulieJ said...

I was only 10 so young enough to get away with wearing hotpants, I think mine were navy blue with bib and braces. Love your grid of beach photos. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

Michele said...

This is such a great layout! Did I read it is digital?? Could have fooled me! It's wonderful! Thanks so much for joining us at Lasting Memories this week!

TeenaBugg38 said...

You mean those pix AREN'T you from the 70's???? bwahahahaha!!!! Girl you rocked ALL of these layouts...I would never have guessed they were digi and I scrap digi!!! Take that as a huge compliment!!! When people think it's paper you did it right :) Thanks for joining us this week at Lasting memories...we ahve more fun ones on the way so keep your eyes peeled!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! We were never allowed to wear hot pants, but I sure do remember them! LOL Love the layouts, they are great!

Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories!

Elizabeth LMDT