Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Spring...

Ok, we have just had our first morning of below zero temps so this post is purely wishful thinking...

It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere (lucky people!) so the challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is Garden based.

1 May is springtime, and time to be out in the gardens.  Scrap something about your garden – how you love to be out in it, or what it means to you, or alternatively how you hate to be outside gardening at all.  If you are not a gardener -  you could also alternatively scrap about an outdoor sanctuary that you appreciate – perhaps your mother’s garden or a park????


We finally had our garden producing lots of yummy tomatoes this year, but by this time next year this is where our family room will be.    I have packed most of my supplies away so expect a few more digi Lo's in the next month - assuming that I produce something - you may have noticed my complete lack of blogging in the past few weeks - hopefully when we get the hassle of packing and moving out of the way I can get back into it.

 We are madly packing and hoping that a rental property that suits us will magically appear in the next couple of weeks - in the meantime the house continues to fight back - this is Henry's curtain where it had previously been attached to the wall - I just had to laugh (perhaps a wee bit manically when I pulled that little baby out...).

So finally my happy post for the week -

A new cooking book that makes me happy just to flick through it - (not the best photos sorry)


And a second happy post today - My friend Alicia has just had her first Baby - Nicholas Luke - 


Isn't he a cutie??
Alicia's blog is here - why not drop by and see some more photos? Love new babies!!

So back to the purpose of this post - pop over to Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge - would love to see your garden!! xx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeee your lo!!! LOVING the colors and the photos!! What a sweet baby too!!!! Just precious! I hope you find a home soon!!!! Good luck my friend!!

wendipooh13 said...

great page and sooo love those yummy pics!! good luck with the house hunting and packing!!! we did that last summer, and might be doing it again this summer, and it's lots of work!!!

Irini said...

Hey there so good to see you back.....we have missed you!!!!
Your layout is as gorgeous as that little babe (cluck cluck)
Good luck with the rental search!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Did think you might be a TAD busy!!! LOVE the baby photo...20 days or so & I'll have one of these [GRAND one, anyway]....they're soooo cute...digi looks great...shame the garden had to move...but onwards and something better in place instead:):):) Hope you find a house......

sandi said...

Your lo is just it!

Louise - PunknScrap said...

You are a total sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love that you are such a talented scrapbooker, have a eyecandy filled blog, you are a kind friend, you leave lovely comments and you are generous :) You totally rock Karen. xox

Alicia said...

Thanks Karen for putting up a photo of Nicholas!! Good luck with the rental search. We had a difficult time with ours but then one miraculously appeared for us. I hope the perfect one comes your way. xx
Alicia xx said...

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