Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am so Glad

....that my daughter is not in  the "Populars". You know the girls I mean (and in a private school, they are well funded, over the top populars)

Meaghan called me over to show me a photo one of the girls from her year had put up on facebook. For a party idea, she had chosen , wait for it - Victoria's Secret as the theme. They are 16. The girls were all wearing bustiers, one piece lingerie, french maids outfits and six inch black stilettos. Meaghan was gobsmacked and I was horrified.

 I am not a conservative parent, Meaghan has more than her fair share of very short dressers and shorts but to be honest, these girls looked like high class hookers.  Part of me thinks that it is good they are so confident but it was such an inappropriate way of celebrating this confidence. If they were a couple of years older, then yeah, go for it but 16??

Meaghan was most intrigued with the fact that the girls' mother and grandmother were happy to post these photos up as well. And the big question is - where do they go from there? Next party has to be more shocking - so glad Meaghan has wonderful friends.

I have used a sketch from Get Creative and lots of Boho Bliss from The LilyPad. Gorgeous girls.

Sigh, I now feel like an old woman.

have a good one.


wendipooh13 said...

really!!! A VS party at 16!!! ok wow and crazy!!!! I hope my daughter isn't in the "populars" either, for that reason too. super cute page!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

And AMEN to that! You'd be glad you've got the daughter you've got, I bet!!!
My 20yo step grandie pretty much does the 'going out' in exactly what you're saying....must be the 'in thing' - but man, it's a bit scary....great LO...those crochet flowers are real, aren't they? They SHOULD be if they're not!!!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Lovely layout!!! And 16 is TOO young!!! :S

Anastasia (Νατάσα) said...

I'm not a conservative either, but Victoria Secret at 16??? oh my... I so understand why you are glad your daughter is not part of that!

Your layout is just so beautiful and goes so well with the wonderful picture... Thank you for playing with us at Get Creative!

littlen said...

couldn't agree with you more. i've seen girls at intermediate school dances that look like little hookers. have to wonder what their parents are thinking..oh, i guess they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm no conservative either, and say okay even at 16 you get a little 'dressed' up or down as I would call it, but why would you put it on Facebook for all to see as well!!!???

Anyway, another fabulous layout and great take on the sketch ... thanks for playing with us once again at Get Creative!