Thursday, March 14, 2013

Duct tape challenge

Quick post today, will bore you with my 'first world problems' as Meaghan would call them another day. Nothing major, just alot of little things that are causing swear words to be muttered.

Over at Child's Play, the challenge this week is duct tape. This stretched me a bit as I am purely digi at the moment. ut never fear, found some elements that are duct tape like and they went with my new happy shoes.
I do seem to have a few Lo's about shoes I realise. Possible more than about, hmm, say my husband... Must rectify that - or buy more shoes...

So come and play - duct tape is fun!

Have just realised I have been wearing my top inside out all morning - luckily have not been to shops yet (and yes, I have done that in the past) so off to change and scrub the shower out - well hooray!!



Mitra Pratt said...

Dude. First thing, there is nothing wrong with wearing your clothing just the way you meant to. Meaning that I wear a nasty old green sweatshirt all day and it might have stains on it, but, you must have meant for it to be inside out!! And secondly, love your purple shoes. THERE IS NOTHING Wrong WITH LOTS OF SHOE LAYOUTS. Rutro. I feel very strongly about that. I love shoes...oh I do. More than my green nasty sweatshirt!!!

wendipooh13 said...

glad you figured your shirt out before heading to the shops!!! :) LOVE your LO super super cute!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Oops. Stupid internet - thought i got a comment down & it disappeared on me. Grrr! 1st world prob???!!! Great name. Puts it in perspective. I went out with my 1980's sunglasses the other day - lost my newer ones....they're almost fashionable again. Well, a bit too Nana Masskouri [or however you spell it!], actually but oh well. And I thought you were scrapping paper...pretty amazing digi! Love the pops of purple...& Those Shoes are Amazing. LOVE them - go Dunlops!!! Sooo deserve a page of their very own:):):)

Anne Pennington said...

Loving your shoes, and your design and your washi tape!!! Great layout - as is always with you!!!!!