Monday, March 4, 2013

My Bucket List

We all have a vague idea about what we would like to do in our lives but lately the trend has been to write it all down and tick them off. I will admit to loving Karl Pilkington's tv show and the list he was bullied into doing by Ricky Gervais. The book was equally funny using a published "top 100 most popular bucket list items".

Anyway This month at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, we would love to see your bucket list. Mine includes lots of travel of course but a few other things.

The title is a quote from 'Shrek" the most quoted movie in this house - with "you're going the right way for a smacked bottom" apt for most situations....(The Simpson's being our most quoted TV show).

So come and play with us!

On the home front it's been a busy couple of weeks. The fridge tried to quit on us again but we keep resuscitating it until we get a new one in the new house. Mum and Dad came to visit, the house is almost at lock up but remained untouched last week due to vile weather striking most of the country. We started the week with tropical humidity and needing a fan to help us keep cool overnight to needing the doona by the end of the week. All back to warmer weather this week, yay, we are probably off to the coast for the upcoming long weekend.

 And Geoff went back to work last week so I get the computer all to myself for the whole day!!

So off to have fun now (hmmm The Lilypad BYOC sale is on, just may have to wander over that way I think...) byeeee

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Lizzy Hill said...

Gee, you're having a busy time - is this LO a page in a book, or have you just made it look like that? I was thinking, for these sorts of LOs a book would be really good - a sort of 'me' book, with an emphasis on art journal-ish stuff. Just thinking out loud as I'm writing. And 'hear-hear' to all your list...I'm nodding in agreement with them all!!! Have a great weekend - I cannot believe that your house is almost at lock up - that's AWESOME:):):)