Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mary Poppins

I will admit that this was one movie I could never get into as a child - I was more of a 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks" Disney girl... (and somewhere along the track, Mary Poppins merged with Peter Pan, always get them confused)

But having said that, I would love to see the musical.

And yes, these musings are leading somewhere -

At Child's Play the latest challenge is to base your work on Mary Poppins

I went the Umbrella route -

Luckily for my instant gratification fix, Splendid Fins at The Lilypad was selling an appropriate kit and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.Old photo of Henry looking very pleased because this was after a very long drought and rain was such a welcome sight. He has only owned one pair of gumboots in his time as a little boy as they just weren't needed for so many years... But he still loves his umbrella.

We have had an up and down week. I have struggled to get rid of a cold, Geoff hurt his back, Mum had a bit of a health scare, we had a few issues with the builder (nothing too catastrophic but really annoying) and we still didn't have anywhere to move to. Come weeks end, all issues with builders resolved, the scaffolding came down

Isn't it pretty?

and we now have a place to live, much closer to our old place and very close to Meaghan's school, Henry's school and Matt's girlfriend, so all happy. (well further away from Geoff's work but we can't all be perfect).  Mum is recovering from a mystery illness but all  tests negative.

And I survived two parent teacher nights with mostly good reports.

So currently in happy place - hopefully my lovely hawks will beat the nasty magpies today (AFL talk, my first love) and all will be well in the world! (just don't think about the packing..)

Hope you are all in an equally good place. x


Lizzy Hill said...

Lovely LO....those stars looks so sweet & the 'rain rain' ribbon is really nice! And I'm GLAD you've got through the bad place & into a good one:):):) House is really nice!!!!!!

Monique Liedtke said...

What a fun colorful page! Love the photo with the umbrella! And wow, what a beautiful house you (almost) have!!! Hope you can move into it soon!

Buffy Esser said...

Beautiful Lo and you house looks so different without all the scaffolding! so glad you guys found a place...hopefully it will be finished soon!

Mitra Pratt said...

I think some weeks are just worse than others. Had one a bit like that myself last week. Just irksome! But today, much better. Kinda fits with your umbrella. Sometimes it just RAINS. Although in the case of this page, that was a good thing! Love the kit you used so pretty!

Emma Stafrace said...

Hi hunnie the house is really coming along, looks amazing and can;t wait to see more updated pics. he he