Monday, February 18, 2008


Near one site by the lake Looking....
Found it

When we got our new car it came with a GPS unit. Having already investigated geocaching, (explanation - go to website, pick site near, home enter coordinates into GPS unit and go find the cache or box containing little items that kids especially love) last year we thought this would be a good family thing to do on weekends and holidays. This would have been great if we had any idea as to what we were doing.
Our first foray was near Bruce and it was only the clue that allowed us to find our first cache. The next couple were completely unsuccessful. It was when we mentioned our new pastime to one of Matt's friends that we started having some success. We were putting in the wrong coordinates for our unit (doh!). Next trip 2 out of 2 hooray, Henry and Meaghan love it ('going on safari'), I think Matt likes going with his friends more (can't imagine why). Any excuse to get kids outside works for us.

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