Monday, February 11, 2008

Henry starts Big School

anxiously awaiting the class lists
One bunch of very unsure children

Last Monday Henry and his friends started big school (aka Meaghan's school). Henry did not want to go 'until he was 5' (thursday) as this was Henry's idea of when kids started school. After being late (unusual for us I know) we gathered in the hall and waited for a teacher to claim him. Ms Sochaki (pronounced suh -husky apperently) was the lucky teacher and just about all his friends, except Aneesha, were in the same class.
I picked him up at lunchtime and he had loved it. His teacher said he was ready for school and although mornings are definitley not Henry's best time, he still happily goes off. I haven't missed him too badly yet, time flies during the day- not enough hours already.
Meaghan is in her final primary year and has the same teacher as last year without the awful girls that caused some problems last year. All her friends are in the same class so she should have a great year.
Matt is in year 10 (!!) off to France in April and able to get his licence at some stage this year - eep.
No photos of these two at the start of the year - very hard to pin down.
Should be a good year.

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Jodie said...

Awww look at our babies Karen! They looks so grown up all of a sudden :o( Henry looks so handsome in his uniform!

Jodie x