Monday, February 11, 2008

Henry's 5th birthday

On the 7th of February our little boy turned 5. He was up at 7 (very early for him) and unwrapped his present from Nanny and Poppy first. I suspect we could of stopped there as it was a bag full of army men, tanks, planes, helicopters, just what he wanted. Henry can spend hours setting them up and he always wants to battle against me (lovely...). Henry somehow always ends up with asll the tanks and all the missiles and all the planes - he generously let me have a troop carrying helicopter - very useful.
He wanted home made pizzas for tea and he helped make them - one for him and a super duper one for mum and dad to share - actually quite yummy.
Traditional chocolate cake to follow and now a party to organise (bad mother had yet to do this). All in all a very good day.

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