Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our nightly visitor

At our back door is a half cut off gum tree that has a bird feeder attached. Just about every night this possum arrives to polish off whatever the birds have left, plus whatever we leave out for her. She has become very approachable, allowing us to hand feed her (carrots, apples etc) although last year I made the mistake of trying to feed her some sunflower seeds out of the palm of my hand. In a frenzied leap to get to these treats, she latched on to my little finger and let me assure you they do have very sharp teeth! I was quite cross at her for a long time, she seemed to have a look in her eye that said "I have tasted blood and I am ready for more".
Anyway she has reappeared with baby on back (or tucked between mum's legs as in the photo) this month. The baby sends the two youngest children into cries of 'he's soooo cute etc' which I guess he is.
If only they would leave my veges and herbs alone....

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