Monday, July 20, 2009

the one that got away

I had my first layout (see Cambodian lo above) accepted to be in a magazine a number of months ago, right about the time (unbeknown to me) that me that my email wasn't actually attaching attachments, handy when submitting digital images. Too late for the deadline did I realise - sigh. Luckily a couple of others had also been taken so all is not lost. These i can't put up until a couple of months after publication. I sent off my first invoice for payment of these and felt ridiculously happy for such a tiny amount.

the other two are more recent efforts, the lake is mt home town where they drain the lake every 10 or so years, this time to kill the weeds that were taking over the swimming areas, should be full again by spring.

On a completely separate note, watched the final episode of master chef last night. I didn't watch any of the early episodes but my budding dessert chef, Meaghan was totally hooked and by the end I had to see who won. It was so good to see a stay at home mum win - such a dag but could relate to her, must admit I shed a tear and it was good to see all the judges being so supportive and nice instead of trying to bring contestants down for their own gratification. Our most favouritist show - amazing race is back on this week, so something to fill the gap in Meaghan's life.

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