Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy birthday Jo

Another excuse to go out, have a lot of fun and experiment with my craftiness. Jo is fast becoming my go to girl to discuss and dissect all things craft, although I am particularly jealous of her drawing skills (see her blog here, ha no secrets blogs now).

The stash of birthday presents she got this year was fabulous (do we discuss the little item that Katie gave her for"when her husband is away"hmm) Ok it was a jar opener apparently.....

I have very recently been very excited by an artist named Rebecca Sower (go check out her stuff) and was inspired to make this for her, so much fun, I can see this style being an obsession for the next little while.

It was the first time I had attempted to attach mirrors by embroidery, so armed with my ever trusty A to Z of embroidery stitches, off to Henry's swimming we went. And I sat there puzzling through the stitches but turned out to be a snack once one was done. The beading was done in front of the tv on tuesday night (watching Robert McNamara's Fog of War - great doco).

I arose yesterday thinking I finally had the present making in hand and would actually finish with oodles of time to spare (ha). life gets in the way as always and I finished at 6:30 last night (dinner at 7!). the glue was still a bit sticky but it all held together well (ish). Sigh one day I will not leave these things to the last minute. Jodie is next so let the planning begin (ok no idea, any hints Jodie?).

Anyway Happy belated birthday Jo, we have a craft morning to plan (as well as lunch with Louise soon) xx


Jodie said...

It was a lovely night! Love catching up with my special friends. Looking forward to the next dinner to celebrate our birthdays! Jodie xx

Luna said...

D'oh! I was hoping to get my photos up of your beautiful journal before you did! Now I am going to appear sooooo unoriginal!
xxxxx jo