Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm back and just about all scrapped out

Turns out my father had a mild heart attack last Sunday so Henry and I had a quick trip down south. Dad was in Wangaratta hospital and then taken to Melbourne for tests. He had a blockage so they put in a stent (all with a local anaesthetic) and he was home again on Saturday. It was, to put it mildly, stinking hot, but they have a pool so Henry made use of that.

It made me realise the advantage of living in a small country town. The phone calls and visits, both to Mum at home and dad in hospital (55kms away)all helped make dad feel better. when none of Dad's family could pick him up from Melbourne, one of his friends drove down, picked him up and brought him home, where they were greeted with a casserole to take home by his wife. All good.

the only down side was that my new nephew/niece was due (in the same hospital) last weekend and they still haven't put in an appearance. Poor Trace must be getting very sick of it by now. Inducement on Wednesday if nothing happens in the meantime.

Back home and The Studio has had a huge weekend of scrapping with challenges every two hours over 48hours. To participate and be eligible for some of the wonderful prizes you had to donate to The Water charity, which brings access to clean water in underdeveloped nations. So far have scrapped 10 pages and maybe able to get two more in before the deadline. These are some of my fav's so far.
Monica McNeills 6 word journalling

The wonderful (and probably now exhausted) organiser, Amanda's vintage challenge

Lovely Laura's favourite place challenge

stacey Julians freehand heart challenge

Sketchy Thursday Sketch plus water theme challenge.


Luna said...

Wow, you've been busy! Hope your dad continues to feel better that and Trace (poor, poor thing) gets that baby out soon! xxxxxxx

Laura said...

All your layouts were sooooo fab this weekend. I love the heart picture - he looks so happy with his layout. xxx