Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a story to read

This was a pictureless challenge for the weekend. The trip was a diasaster from beginning to end - these are just some of the highlights - much more went on (none of it good) but a trip to remember and laugh about (we actually got to the laughing within weeks -probably coinciding with retrieving our stuff from Jindabyne - aaahh, the resilience of youth).

Am just about to hop on my bike and attempt to get tickets to see Twilight - not New Moon. I suspect I am the only female over the age of 12 who has yet to see the movie and they are showing it at the cinemas just before New Moon is released, so I am off with Jo to see it.

I am feeling quite pleased with myself this morning. I have decided that if I see something that really annoys me, then I will do something about it. Our local government website, where you pay rates etc was badly designed and very difficult to get to the actual paying part without much swearing and ending up at the truck drivers licencing aite (I don't know why but that is where I always ended up...).
So I wrote a very rude email to which I recieved a very terse reply (probably deservedly). I apologised for my first email and more calmly pointed out the poor design features of their site. Today I recieved an email from the poor man I had harangued, with a list of changes that had been made, and now I can get where I want to go with only one or two clicks and no swearing. Maybe I should get that truck drivers licence after all - if only I could find it...

And Trace went into hospital at 10pm last night and still no news yet (10am here now). I hope it is all going well but she had a very long labour first time so I hope they don't let her go to far this time. My longest labour was 9 hours so I can't begin to imagine a long labour. I will let you know as soon as I hear x
have a good day

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Laura said...

I've never seen any Twilight movies or read the books Karen, so you aren't the only one, lol.

Love that ski layout - it was so interesting reading that, but that's cause I love a bit of drama and also I am very nosey, ha ha ha. x