Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my new "twinkly" theory

Ok, having watched twilight and then discussed it with Jo (go check out her work here, very cool) I have developed my own theory on which movie stars I like and why. The theory goes something like this - actors I don't like generally take them selves to seriously, whereas the ones I like seem to have look in their eye that says, I know it's only a movie, the world won't end if I stop acting. This twinkle seems to develop with age, I am trying to think of an actor under 30 who has it. The girl who plays Alice in twilight, the twins in Harry Potter and Abigail Breslin, with very little thought or research that's it.

So here is my lists of twinkly and non twinkly actors

Johnny Depp (oh yes..)
George Clooney
Brad Pitt (still developing with age)
Cary Grant
Meryl Streep
Hugh grant
Colin Firth
Julia Roberts
Ewan mcgregor
Will Smith
Harrison Ford
Gary Oldman
just about all english Actors
Robert Downey Jnr
Toni Collette
Hugh Jackman

Non twinkles
Sorry but just about everyone in twilight (all too young and serious, good looking yes but no sparkly bits...)
Tom Cruise (I think he had it but has lost it big time)
Nicole Kidman
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightly
Val Kilmer (although this may be changing)

Actors I like who I wish would twinkle
Ed Norton
Russell Crowe
Heath Ledger (I know sadly too late)
Keanu Reeves

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

PS I hope you all just realise this is just an excuse to put a picture of Johnny Depp on my blog..


Laura said...

This post made me laugh my head off. Just so you know.

I'm just going to take a moment...

Wow Karen, that is quite some list of hotties. You left off my number one hottie though. Mr. David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seeley Booth. The man could not possibly twinkle more. ha ha ha.

Dear me, I'm 31 and he reduces me to a squealing teenage girl. Only as Booth though. I'm keeping it real. ;-D

Laura said...

In my excitement, I got carried away. I should clarify that the part that made me laugh was the part about the gratuitous Johnny Depp picture posting and that I do realise there are females on that list. lol. And that you actually weren't referring to their dreaminess, but their likeability.

See, my whole post was just an excuse for a gratuitous DB photo.

ha ha ha ha.


karenw said...

confession time Laura, they are token females, in the interests of balance...

I am more than willing to add Mr Boreanaz to my list as well, just for you, you understand, no other reason at all.....

Irini said...

you do not need an excuse to post a picture of johnny depp!!!......slurp slurp...LOL

Luna said...

My addition is Mark Raffalo (from Suddenly 30). He fits the bill perfectly. Keep meaning to see him as an edgy detective in the dark crime thriller "In the Cut' with Meg Ryan...
Kind of object to no Twilight stars though Karen. I mean Edward Cullen literally sparkles (in the sun). Really, you are goimng to have to shape your act up a bit if we are going to see New Moon together!

Laura said...

I am more than willing to add Mr Boreanaz to my list as well, just for you, you understand, no other reason at all.....

- - -

lmao. See, we would totally be real-life friends if we didn't live on opposite sides of the world, ha ha.

karenw said...

OK, Mark R. gets in as well and having watched LOTR recently have to add Karl Urban (Eomer and the cute Russian assasin in one of the Bourne movies) and Viggo Mortensen but only when he is all roughed up.

Sorry Jo, still can't get any twilight people in, all too young, maybe Laurent at a push.

I think this list confirms we are real life friends already Laura ,and of course Irini, even if you do live way over the other side, how can I not be friends with people with such exceptional taste... xx

Laura said...

Aw Karen, you are just so lovely! And of course, I agree about the exceptional taste part. ;-D