Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sketchy thursday

our main computer has died so am resorting to Geoff's laptop - none of my settings or passwords for so many sites are on this one. very frustrating. No mouse either which i have to say is slowing me down somewhat...

Yes, I have finally gotten around to watching twilight. I enjoyed the movie more than the books, which I don't think were particularly well written. Some aspects of the movie were disappointing, ie the special effects looked half hearted and a couple of the characters weren't well cast but i guess that what happens. managed to have morning tea with Jo, who is a Twimum, and we will go see new moon together soon.

On the plus side I have read Mao's last dancer, loved it so much, can't wait to see that movie. Am also reading Eat, pray love and also enjoying that as well. I have heard the criticism that the author is annoyingly selfish but i think if I had no children, was getting over a marriage breakup and was being paid to travel, then so be it, off you go. she writes so well, very enjoyable.

And lastly this is the latest sketch from sketchy Thursday. Henry managed his first outdoor swim of the season when we were down visiting Poppy. The temp was heading towards 40, although the pool water temp was considerably less. I hung around the steps with my feet in, while Henry bounded from side to side.


Diana Fisher said...

hi karen! I love this page this week!! So cool, that number die cut as a circle!! Thanks for playing along with us!
-Diana, Sketchy Thursdays founder

Heidi said...

This is so creative with the number lace paper! Great job! Thanks for playing along!

- Heidi, Sketchy Thursdays

p.s. I agree the Twilight books weren't the best literary reads but REALLY, you liked the movie better?? Cool. I think you're the first person I've heard say that. :o)

jennifer said...

Oh I just love this page, that circle is awesome cut out of the number lace!!! Thanks for playing along and don't forget to link up to the blog at Scrapbookkitclub.com for a chance to win a rak!
Jennifer C. Sketchy Thursdays & SBKC DT