Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy birthday Henry

My little boy turned 7 on Sunday. After a week of the exciting lead up (including starting year2) the day finally arrived.

There to greet him was his brand new bike, decorated with streamers that had taken most of the evening before for his dad to put together. 'Ahh' said Hen"I see there's a new bike..." but then refused to go near it. Not his first choice, not ungrateful, more a bit underwhelmed. Luckily the siblings came through with Lego and games and various grandparents sent cash so all was saved.

He did eventually look at the bike and was most excited when he discovered the bike lock that was accompanying the bike. It was RED!! yay.

Before lunch we headed out to Stromlo bike park, his very favourite place to be, Meaghan on skates the rest of us on bikes (Matt of course minding the house, great job he did..).

On hopped Henry and we discovered that the brakes the bike had were adult sized and Henry could barely reach them. that did it. In his new role as rating master "this bike gets 0/10". Geoff managed to fix the brakes and after he figured we could time him, Henry manged to do 8km's so I'm guessing the bike isn't too bad despite his protests. And you'll be pleased to know the bike lock worked as we had to take that with us to try out as well.

Meaghan made the cake and decorated it, topped off with some club Penguins, henrt's current obssession behind Lego and ended the evening with a game of cluedo. All in all a good day. x

Now to survive the party next weekend.

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Irini said...

Ohhhh happy Birthday Henry!!!

C3 also turns 7 this year in May and he is already complaining that his birthday party is too far away!!

I wish Henry all the best