Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bikini girl

I am pretty sure this was the last time I wore a bikini in public (although I'm not sure it was my brother, Robs' last time in speedos). I was never a bikini kid, prefering full piece suits and now, although I do wear two piece suits, they are covered up with rashie tops. Of course back then having a tan was the healthiest option and even egtting burnt at the start of the season somehow protected you for the rest of summer. No hats or sunscreen, so different now where it takes an age just to get the kids out the door. Mind you having seen some very badly sunburnt kids over the years I'm glad it's changed.

The sketch is for sketchy thursday of course - wonderful sketches.


Irini said...

I looooove this layout and such a funny theme!!
I have always worn a one piece even in my thin days......I believe a one piece swim suit is elegant and stylish even for super models!! bikinis remind me of my underwear just more colourful although they look super cute on little girls especially the crocheted ones we wore in the 70's!! LOL

Louise said...

This is totally fantastic. Very cool and funny and the layout is great, you made a fab job of the sketch.