Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twisted sketches

I was cruising around the web, looking at my ever growing list of challenge sites when I remembered the Twisted Sketches Site. I hadn't been there for a while but remembered they had great challenges and to my surprise one of my entries for a month or two was featured and I get to be a Guest Twisted Sister sometime in the coming months, yay.

The twist for this sketch was staple, anyway, anyhow, so I made my heart out of staples, I guess I should of had a close up of that, but you get the idea anyway.edit by popular request (2 does count as popular, doesn't it??)

I have started scanning some of the photo's of the kids when they were younger. There is a disturbing lack of photos from certain time periods and a definite lack of quality as well. these ones were taken in our back yard just after Henry started walking. He was so little but very determined. Geoff's Mother was horrified that we let him walk so young - I'm not quite sure what we could've done to stop him though...

It's been a good week with Sketchy Thursday selecting this for their one of their weekly picks and making the top 5 at SPCC for my Tathra animals as well.

This a close up of the flower I had made from the last post but for some reason refused to upload the other day - I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out

It is perfect weather here at the moment so lots of bike riding and we are off for a mystery dinner tomorrow night for Matt's house - always a great night (although I have to prepare an entree for 13 - eep, serves me right i guess for RSVPing late, i had wanted to do a dessert...)

Have a great Thursday/Friday {depending where you are} xx


Nancy said...

Love your take on this twisted sketch! I do wish you had up-loaded a close-up of the heart! It looks awesome from what I can see! and CONGRATULATIONS on the GDT spot! sounds like it has been a lucky week for you! We all need a few of those now and then!!!

Irini said...

what a brilliant idea stapling the heart....yes closeup please!!
and congrats on the GDT spot!
fabulous work as usual!!

Laura said...

Do you have your CD kit?! (jealous!).

Cool heart. Love the staples!

Congratulations on the GDT too. xx

Nancy said...

That stapled heart is absolutely fabulous!!!! and thanks for up-loading a close-up!!!!! love love love it!!!! very creative and unique! BRAVO!!!!!

Patries said...

Very original; love the stapled heart!

Luna said...

That flower is AWESOME!!! You have gotta get out there teaching. I will be your agent. No need to thank me.