Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A new class

I have just started a new class at Jessica Sprague.

Digi In Deep .

I have just finished the first lesson and realised that my knowledge of photoshop is more limited than I thought. Boy have I learnt so very much already. Making your own masks and drop shadows, so much fun.

Not my usual style I'll admit but I love the end result.

Can't wait to get stuck into more. Hmmm, who knew learning could be so productive??

Ok so you still have a few days to enter Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, we will have the next one out on the 15th.

And if you after the Southern Girls blog hop post go here. Still over a week to put in an entry for lots and lots of very cool prizes.

And Lastly, Matt has hit Latvia. He loved Russia and wished he could have spent a lot more time in St Petersburg (very hard to get extended Visas in Russia) so that might be a return visit one day. I am enjoying the fact that he can email us most days, lessens the stress considerably although I am still waking up at 5am to check my emails...

And on a bizarre note, as I was cleaning out his room I found a 2.2L bucket of Nandos salsa!! He used to work for them and I think this was one of those bizarro going away presents - luckily it didn't require refrigeration (don't even want to think about the presevatives required for that!) but it was just past it's use by date so I have left it out for the possums - maybe it will keep them away from my garden.

Ok have a good one. xx

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