Monday, November 14, 2011

more Cocoa daisy Crop Stuff

The Cocoa Daisy Crop this weekend had the theme of craft fair - and the DT did such a wonderful job with both inspirational challenges and some really helpful lessons, loved the graffiti art class by Denise.

I managed to get a couple of Lo's done, this is challenge #3 by the very talented Lisa, use labels on your work . I used some of the labels from our seedlings that Henry and I planted a couple of weeks ago. All are still miraculously alive!!

This is challenge #1, a sketch - you know I can't resist a sketch!! Much tidier than my usual work. (although I have scanned it crookedly - doh!)

And this is far and away my fav, probably my best Lo for ages, love the photo of Matt and Henry, they really love being together, Matt is the best big brother and Henry is counting the days until he gets back (18 sleeps).This was challenge #10, Danielle had found a lot of beautiful photos of black and white ceramic pieces to get some ideas. Looking at my cracked, mismatched and completely daggy crockery, desperate to replace them all soon and this gave me some good pointers as to what I like.

Anyway, have a couple of Lo's to finish today, maybe a couple more for this crop and a couple for some challenges, back into the swing again.



sandi said...

Wow Karen these are fabulous! Looks like the crop went well for you! Awesome creations!

Irini said...

Karen these are gorgeous layouts and the You and Me layout brought a teart o my moving....more please!!!

wendipooh13 said...

all your pages are stunning!!!! LOVE the bridge page and photo, wow!!!! way to go!!!

Emily Pitts said...

karen, these are gorgeous! i'm so glad you had fun creating this weekend, let's do it again :)