Wednesday, November 9, 2011

some projects and musings (trivial...)

Scrapbooking, I have done none recently. Although it was international digi scrapping something or other on the weekend and I have picked up a few very yummy kits from The Lily Pad to play with soon. And Cocoa daisy is having a crop this weekend which I always love, am planning to take over Matt's room and his desk which I not so secretly covet.

But I have been working on other stuff, thought I would share my (very much still..) works in progress. A quilt that has been a long time in the making, now I have my sewing machine out and have pinned the rest of the pieces, it should come together fairly quickly. Lots of white, lovely fresh colours.

My tennis project. Every week Henry has tennis, so it's an hour waiting in the car and I can't scrap in the car but I can hand sew. And I have just got a heap of stuff from Urban Threads, who make me long for an embroidery machine. Oh- the Steam punk designs are the best. This is a stack of books with a little heart coming out, very me.

Wednesday afternoon at the tennis used to be a great hour when Jo came along, not that I blame her for stopping, well Ok I do...

and finally an off the page project,(completely rubbish at the moment) a frame thing from kaiser Craft, needs sanding back and repainting now. And I have picked up some laser cut shapes from Imaginarium Designs finally.

Now onto important matters. I have recently been watching the latest series of True Blood.
sigh. Alcide is the best thing in this series. Too many story lines, does every single character need to be involved in earth shattering bad stuff all the time?? Eric and Sookie, too woosy, want my mean, tough Eric back. Bill - never been a fan at the best of times. All a bit disappointing really.

And I have fallen in love with The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Loved the books and love the series even more. And have just discovered they only made the one series before stopping. more disappointment.

I am now hanging out for The Game Of Thrones. Have just finished the first book. Many, many story lines in this as well, possibly the longest I have ever taken to finish a book. Loved it but it was hard going.

Enough of that now, I could go on and on - ok I have but onto family to end. Matt is in Paris, recovering from Spain mostly. He picked up some sort of virus. Luckily he has been to Paris before so doesn't feel the need to rush out to every site. A bit of time out is needed on these sort of trips. Here he is with his girlfriend in Barcelona (or Madrid) looking quite happy - and hairy...

Off to England on Thursday for a couple of weeks. Then back to Germany and home, can't wait for that bit really.

Ok Off for a bike ride now, feeling my winter weight (not good at all) so must do something constructive.
have a good day xx

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