Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Brownie experience

Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge has it's latest sketch challenge up and it is all about Brownies and guides.

February 22nd is Baden Powell Day – Baden Powell was the founder of Boy Scouts, and his sister Agnes was the founder of Girl Guides. Scrap a memory of you in Scouting or Girl Guides (brownies, Sparks, Guides, etc.) or a memory of a group you belonged to when you were a child or teen. You may include a momento or journal a memory of what belonging meant to you.

I lasted approximately 2hours in brownies - I even held out longer at Gymnastics than that!

Growing up on a farm, going to school in a small town, the only place my friends in primary school met out of school hours was at Brownies. So my best friend got me along one day convinced I would love it..

I just didn't get it.

I couldn't understand why Mrs Cooper became Brown Owl and would only answer to that. She took it very seriously. I giggled at the sing alongs and was just a bit disruptive, nothing too big, I was still a pretty quiet kid.

I wasn't invited back.

and I didn't really ask to go back either.

Meaghan joined guides and lasted for 3 terms. It didn't help that the only girl she knew was fond of the sound of her own voice and was very impressed with how clever she was compared to every one else. Not Meaghan's type at all.

Come and play and playing along also gives you a chance to win prizes from our on going Valentines blog hop. Lots of little prizes to be won on individual blogs as well (including mine). Well worth visiting all the girls.

And i am also currently the guest Designer at Use it Tuesday's, the theme this challenge is birthdays - and they have a blog hop going as well. Go check it out here.

Ok, that's all for now. xxx


Mitra Pratt said...

You do realized I giggled at your layout! Thank goodness nobody tried to be an owl! We did have cookies though! Love your layout!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such a cute story!! I loveeeee the photo and the doodles!! And congrats on the GDT!! Very cool lo you made for them!

Alicia said...

These LOs are awesome Karen. Am I right in guessing the first one is digital and the second one isnt? You certainly know how to put them together. I know where I will be sending all those soon to be baby photos!!
Alicia xx

Francine said...

Karen, I love your Brownie/Guide layout. Interesting how different people like different things! I liked Brownies and Guides, but not as much as Kyaa. She started at 6 and is still going strong at 16, now also as a Junior Leader! I think it has really helped her gain confidence, independence and leadership skills. But I digress! I wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over on my blog because I love looking at your work. I also appreciate all the lovely comments you leave me on my blog!

sandi said...

Very cute lo's! Two hops at once! Yippee!

Julie J said...

Oh how sad that you didn't get on with Brownies. It sounds like both of you had some bad luck with the groups you joined.