Monday, June 4, 2012

A wedding Lo and something special for Lizzy!

I just spent half an hour on this post and it disappeared on me so you are now getting the shortened version...

Over at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, their is love in the air - wedding theme time

.June is a popular month for weddings – how about scrapping yours?? If you have not married, scrap a photo of you as a child and how you dreamed it would be for you when you married.  If that does not suit you, then scrap your parents wedding, or someone close to you.


( And I know June is not a wedding month here in Canberra unless you love knitted dresses and furs, but it is a great time to stay inside and scrap..)

This is the first wedding photo of mine that I have scrapped. In my first post I had a long winded (but funny) account of all that happened at our wedding, it had marriage breakups, new  beginnings, me passing out (!!) to name a few but now it will have to wait for the full version on future Lo's , will become a series I think....

And now on special request from Lizzy, who loves her knitting pattern man eye candy. I have asked Geoff which one of these he prefers and he thinks he is needing both, although we both are in love with the second one -

Sigh - What is a man without a chicken??

And on a happy note, I was chosen in the top 5 at Lasting Memories this week - they are a lovely bunch of ladies I have to say!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeee those knit patterns! What a hoot!! Can't quite figure out the chicken though! LOL!! I love love love your lo!! I loveeeeeeeee the photo and all the white!

Monica said...

Gorgeous layout!! Great use of white - I really struggle with using white papers etc, but this is fabo!!

Lizzy Hill said...

You are a FUNNY gal...hey! Congrat's on the Lasting Mem':):) And thank you for the man-candy!!! But what the----& this is supposed to SELL the pattern???!!!!! Oh, how times have changed. He almost looks like Tom Sellick [Hawaii 5-0]...sorry, Tom.... Presume you've found a place to live??? How's the building going - or not - bit wet & cold atm....& you'll have to do a Wedding Quip in each new post!!!!!

Mia said...

knitted man and chicken. Honestly Karen, as you know I am rarely speechless but......what the?
I'm more for the man in orange - what a dish!
Can't believe your first post disappeared with all that wedding joy...will look forward to the series!
Was gr8 to c u today!

wendipooh13 said...

such a lovely page!!!! and sooo sorry you post disappeared!! that is not fun:( those fashion pics are just too dang funny!!!