Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Mostly To Anne, I didn't finish my Lo in time for the latest challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, very naughty...

It is now done. The challenge this month is as follows -

Using sketch 11 – Father’s Day is celebrated in June in some countries – scrap a memory of your father or grandfather, or another male who has influenced your life greatly.
Using this sketch:

We also want to challenge you all to increase the numbers of people playing along with our challenges.  More people playing along means more fun, more friends and more inspiration!  So, if you convince a friend to play along in either of our challenges this month. tell them to let us know either in their blog posting or in a comment on this blog posting that you sent them to play along.  Your name will be entered for each referral you send for a chance to win our guest designer spot.   Yes, each referral you send is one more chance. And of course, each layout you enter in our challenges this month is one more chance at the guest DT spot.
 This is my Dad, happily speaking at his 80th birthday party last year. There is no problem getting Dad to speak at functions - getting the microphone back from him can sometimes be an issue..
So come and play - in Australia, Father's day isn't until the 1st Sunday of the month (usually coinciding with my birthday) so get your Father's present done early!

  And not forgetting the ongoing theme of my Wedding stories.

Today is ME!

I have been known top suffer panic attacks in crowds and when I am the centre of attention. Hmm my wedding, what could possibly go wrong???

I started feeling a bit odd when the photo session started - In the car on the way there (see previous post) my request to go around the block, I was definitely feeling a touch faint. Dad practically hauled me down the aisle, I stopped on the way to pat my bridesmaid's new baby - everyone thought I was just enjoying the moment - little did they know that it was just a stalling technique (not very good one). When I got to Geoff he looked at me and asked how I was feeling, I looked a little pale.
"Not the best, I can only see black, is that bad??"

"ummm, possibly"

"Ok, need to sit down NOW!! or Fresh air - need to go outside -why didn't we have an outdoors wedding???"
Luckily Mum and one of my other friends saw what was happening and rushed me outside, much to the delight of the crowds outside (something interesting - is she running out??)
To my shame, I blamed Mum quite loudly for making me wear layers of petticoat and a restricting bra (never mind that she actually had nothing to do with these choices - my fault..).
After a few big breaths I was fine and walked back in again. The priest decided readings, sermons, in fact most of the service was unnecessary and was all done and dusted less than 10 minutes later. Shortest Catholic wedding ever (the guests were impressed - and a little grateful).

Good thing I didn't have to make a speech or a repeat performance would have occurred at the reception.

I knew the my Nan had made my Mother throw up before she put her wedding dress on because she was that way inclined during high stress events. And then dad told me later that he also suffered panic attacks in crowds when he was younger - what hope did I have?? 

I will admit a similar thing happened a couple of years later during my graduation ceremony, but I just had to sit by myself for a while and still manged to get my award.

Everyone still talks about our wedding - memorable it was...

have a great day

PS went and saw The Avengers last night with Meaghan. Such a fun movie - cannot wait for the next one...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeee your lo!!! LOVING the folded papers on the side!! And that is quite the story... wow!! I have never had that problem in crowds... must be hard!

Anne Pennington said...

I just love this layout, and I really enjoyed your wedding story. So very glad to have you on the team!!!!