Thursday, June 28, 2012

Child's Play

I was going to apologise for the lack of posts lately but really, that's life sometimes, different priorities take over and blogging isn't one at the moment. - Unfortunately taps and toilets are... sigh, the joys of a new house - nope, not complaining, just looking forward to getting selections out of the way and the building to begin 0-who knows when, I am so very over our govts at the moment, both local and national.

Anyway, I have been digi scrapping and even have gotten as far as printing out some photos for paper scrapping, just need to add glue!

This is an entry for the sidewalk chalk entry over at Child's Play. I love that digi can recreate such things as chalk on blackboard for a Lo - chalk is one of those items that takes us back to school days I think. Back in the days when it was not questioned when a teacher pegged bits of chalk at you for not paying attention - one threw a duster once, glad I wasn't at the other end of that!

This is Henry at the height of his self awarenes of cuteness powers. Quite a few years ago now. 

I participated in a speed scrap over at The Lilypad yesterday, A great long list of things to include and this is what I came up with - quite pleased with it in the end.

And the finish of my wedding stories today.  I have decided not to bore you with my wedding anymore (the dead cat story and the best man's speech can wait. This is the partial story of one of my closest friends wedding's.

 I was one of four bridemaids, the wedding was in cenrtal NSW, in a small country town where the groom grew up. To say the pre wedding atmosphere and led up events were tense was an understatement. Much as I love my friend (who shall remain nameless) she was quite clingy to her fiance, they did everything togather including getting a job in the same place.  

For the bucks night, the groomsmen had organised a stripper (so tacky I know) and took photos, mostly of the groom looking both reluctact and terrified. The bride saw the photos and took great offence and threatened to call the wedding off. She was soon talked around but was not talking to the grooomen for the duration.

The morning of the wedding and the bride had second thoughts again. To make matters worse, we were at his mother's house, his mother who had made it more than plain that this was not the bride she had chosen for her beloved son, and all the aunties shuffling through the loungeroom staring at us all like we were in a zoo.

Then the hairdresser who was coming from another town was an hour late turning up - she only had five sets of hair to do after all!! She did the brides hair, lovely french plaits, suited the bride and looked timeless. Then she started on us. The two younger sister's refused to go first, so I plunged in. I will admit to complete frustration with everyone involved in the wedding at this stage. 

She did my hair, I wasn't paying much attention except to the clock, we were going to be so late. It was only when the two sister burst into tears and refused to go near her that I realised how awful the hairdo was. She had abandoned the french plaits for the bridmaids and decided on some rolly around the head do. Seriously, violence against her was considered. It was worse then a perm, only slightly better than Princess Leia's hair. But because we were so late, that was it. I turned into a tyrant at that stage and bullied the sisters into sitting down - the cheif bridemaid was in the same frame of mind as me, just get it over and done with! No redoing mine, so the others got slighlty modified varities (with a well timed nose bleed for the hairdresser to add to the whole show) and I pulled strands out to make it less obviuos how awful it was .
(didn't work)

We eventually made it, after a glass or two of champagne and they were happily married. It was a great reception.  The MIL backed off as soon as the deed was done and my friend relaxed completely and no longer felt the need to be tied at the hip.

And a side note - I was actually about 2 weeks pregnent with Matt here - a bit unexpected but makes it easy to remember our friend's anniversary - 20 years last December, still happily married, two boys and living very nearby so we see them all the time.

and sidenote #2, I went with the chief bridemaid and another close friend who was at this wedding to see 27 Dresses and sure enough, a very close replica of ours turned up in the fashion parade - and yes the bride noticed too and had a good laugh. But too be honest, I have seen worse and we doidn't mind it at the time and that's all you can ask for.

All of this of course is in honour of Another Freaking Scrappy challenge this month - scrap your wedding, come and join in, also a Dad's challenge as well. Would love to see your work! And please consider putting in an application for the Design team there - Anne and the other girls are just lovely to work with!

have a good week,xxx.


Lizzy Hill said...

Not a good start, but things obviously looked up for them post ceremony!!!! Have to say the hair balances out the sleeves here....almost!!!!! Oh, how fashions change!!! I LIKE your stories:):):) nothing like that has happened to me! Also seriously LOVE your chalk board LO - looks fun & he IS gorgeously cute!!!! Surely he still is?????

Haven_mom4 said...

Loving what you did for the sidewalk challenge at childs play. Both the Layouts were great and the bridesmaid story was very amusing. Thanks for sharing

wendipooh13 said...

both ur pages rock as always !!! love what u did 4 the chalk on the child's play layout!!! very cool and sooo glad you played along!!!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Awesome layouts as usual girlie....ohhhh you need to contact me, you won some scrappy stuff on my blog!!!! :)