Friday, December 19, 2008

A day of sewing

I was so over christmas shopping and then realised I hadn't quite finished as both Meaghan and Henry's teachers who really did deserve to be aknowledged and the kids do love giving them presents. So a day on the sewing machine, I stuck a movie on and made them some christmassy coasters. Really enjoyed not having to think too much. I also made the seahorse for Henry's teacher as his kindy class were known as the seahorses (from this pattern). Henry picked out the penguin pencil which is very cute.

Then to top off my sewing day, used some of the leftover material to make a bag to place a bottle of wine in for some friends of ours - big fan of this, makes an ordinary present seem a bit special for very little time.

On a sloghtly related note, Henry received a hand made card from his year 6 buddy yesterday and he wrote the nicest things inside that I have to share them -

"I wish this year would go slower so we can spend more time together but it went too fast. I hope you enjoy your years in primary school and I hope I will see you again Fare well Paul."

I know Henry has loved having Paul as a buddy - a great system.

Off to do a toy drop for the toy society, what a fun idea and then christmas cards I guess.

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